Davis High School Athletics

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Tips for Parents

Bruce Brown is a motivational speaker who works with athletes, coaches and parents. Below is a list of tips for parents from Bruce Brown. For more information on Bruce Brown visit his web site at Proactive Coaching.

  • Attend as many games as possible
  • Be a model, not a critic - model appropriate behavior, poise and confidence
  • Attend pre-season meetings
  • Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child and others
  • View the game with team goals in mind
  • Attempt to relieve competitive pressure, not increase it
  • Encourage multiple sport participation
  • Release them to the coach and the team
  • Look upon opponents as friend in the same experience
  • Accept the judgement of the officials and coaches -- remain in control
  • Accept the results of each game - do not make excuses
  • Demonstrate winning and losing with dignity
  • Dignify mistakes made by athletes who are giving their best effort and concentration
  • Be an encourager - encourage athletes to keep perspective in both victory and defeat
  • Be a good listener
  • Accept goals, roles and achievements of your child

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